She Bop!


In the early 1980’s a vocalist wrestled her way to the top of the charts. She was unique. She was outspoken. She opened up herself and sang songs like “Boy Blue” and “True Colors” bringing a raw unfiltered experience to a world that was grappling with the onset of the new epidemic AIDS.

Cyndi Lauper has never ending strength with her support for those in need. Those underserved. Those at risk. Those marginalized. And she has never thought once about not being that advocate. It is her true heart.

“What’s going on”? Is an anthem, a remake of a Marvin Gaye song, that sang a new truth into the words that “Only Love can Conquer Hate”.

I want to thank Cyndi for all her support to those of us who have needed and are still in need.

If you would like to show your support, I invite you to support her True Colors Fund



Just Breathe


In this post, I want to acknowledge the amazing uniqueness of a young actor, Jaden Smith.

This young man reminds me of all I believe America’s founders intended for our country. The intention to breathe a new life into a new world. The intention to break down the establishment that would oppress. The intention to give voice in unison to all those who wanted to speak and to speak for those who could not speak for themselves.

Americas basic principles are outlined in the early writings of these men that shaped the foundation of our country. And, don’t forget, these men were revolutionaries! These men sought change. These men fought for change. Some of their fellows died for change as Americans still fight and die for change today.

Change does not come in silence. Change does not come in retreat. Change comes when men speak up and step out, taking the great liberties that America is blessed with and freeing us all from those that would hold us back from creating a better more perfect union.

As we stand here together in 2017 America is continuing the revolution. It has never ended. Our Constitution is a living document intended to change and grow as our nation matures.

As we step out of a period of amazing gains for liberty and justice for all Americans we must live in freedom. We the people must resist those that want to close the doors that have been opened. We must resist those that want to take us back in to oppression.

America is strong like this young man. America is a beacon in each generation to the light of our Constitution. America is at liberty to be what it wants to be. America is free to breathe.

If we don’t see the hungry child, does it still die from starvation?

Our world is not fair. The word fair, just, equitable, honest; seems to no longer exist outside of our language and reach into society. Instead our world is full of cheating and striving to achieve unjust advantage.

We ask ‘what can we do’? The world is too big and has too many needs for us to fix. And, if that is what we believe, then it is true.

If we truly want to take action, open our minds and be empathetic, the opportunities to help those that truly need it are all around us. We can look in our neighborhood, city, county, state, country and around the world, there are needs to met everywhere.

Bill and Melinda Gates, with all the wealth realised they could not save the world. Yet they are making a difference, because they are doing what they can.

Mother Teresa dedicated her life to helping others, without regard to expanding her own needs. She saw the many pains that are in our world and took a hands on approach, feeding, clothing, bathing and comforting those that were dying for AIDS, malnutrition, malaria and many other illnesses and man-made afflictions.

When speaking to someone close to me I was talking about the fire that burns inside me for those in need, and how I try to do what I can and to bring awareness to others…and they asked why? I replied how can I not.

Here at home some 30 million Americans experience hunger regularly. 13 million children live in homes with limited access to food and can experience malnutrition. Malnutrition can stunt a child’s physical and mental disabilities. 2,000 to 3,000 elderly die each year of malnutrition. And we are a nation of prosperity. That means 1 in 10 Americans experience some type of hunger.

How many people do you know personally, socially, see on the street each day as you commute. How many workers at your favorite restaurant or coffee shop do you recognise? How many 1’s to you know?

Remove the blinders. See the world’s need. You may not have to give anything up to make a difference. Doing something, that is what is fair.