Truth, Today, Tomorrow


Each of us have truth, the experience of life that you have come from. It is unescapable. It is a place that began out of your control. Where, when, what, who and often why are elements of life that as children we are thrust into.

When you were born you are placed in a historical point you can not change. Where you were born decides the culture you will be raised to believe and be grounded in. What events happen are in general out of  your control as the world is large and chaotic.

From these you stand today as a person affected by each of these. Much of what you believe, your perspective is trained into you by your surroundings. Who you are today may be engrained. But it is not unchangeable. Who you are, today, you can change to be something different tomorrow.

Why would you want to change? In this moment, today,  are you Happy? Sad? Loving? Hating? The elements you are in do not matter. It is your comprehension and questioning of the thoughts that shape the who and open you to the possibilities of why?

When today you question the why, you open up endless possibilities for your tomorrow.



Just Breathe


In this post, I want to acknowledge the amazing uniqueness of a young actor, Jaden Smith.

This young man reminds me of all I believe America’s founders intended for our country. The intention to breathe a new life into a new world. The intention to break down the establishment that would oppress. The intention to give voice in unison to all those who wanted to speak and to speak for those who could not speak for themselves.

Americas basic principles are outlined in the early writings of these men that shaped the foundation of our country. And, don’t forget, these men were revolutionaries! These men sought change. These men fought for change. Some of their fellows died for change as Americans still fight and die for change today.

Change does not come in silence. Change does not come in retreat. Change comes when men speak up and step out, taking the great liberties that America is blessed with and freeing us all from those that would hold us back from creating a better more perfect union.

As we stand here together in 2017 America is continuing the revolution. It has never ended. Our Constitution is a living document intended to change and grow as our nation matures.

As we step out of a period of amazing gains for liberty and justice for all Americans we must live in freedom. We the people must resist those that want to close the doors that have been opened. We must resist those that want to take us back in to oppression.

America is strong like this young man. America is a beacon in each generation to the light of our Constitution. America is at liberty to be what it wants to be. America is free to breathe.

A Man Can Not be Numbered


The title clarifies that as Shia LaBeouf is my second blog about people who inspire and share, that number places him in no different position to any other human that will or shall exist.

I envy the stage your life is currently playing on. It is an elevation that is above any of our human frailties to withstand for extended periods of time. I admire  your idealism, and that your identity is much more complicated than what we see on the screen.

Your voice spreading virally around the globe is a phenomenon that at your age, in my life couldn’t have fathomed. The dichotomy of its defiance and love show what is in your heart and gives me hope that our struggle will not fail, falling to the  side of the road in rocky soil where it’s seed will dry up.

Your voice continues the dialogue of a place that most of humanity has been affected by. Your voice speaks of what happens when no one speaks.

The holocaust came about not just from a single man that wrote of hatred, that spoke propaganda, that bullied opposition and spread fear. It was a voice that believed he had a destiny. That he and those like him were superior. The words had the power and the man abused the words for personal gain, personal glorification.

“He Will Not Divide US”! is today’s conversation about a man that in too many ways similar. A man that bullied the top politicians of one of America’s most powerful political parties into irrelevancy. A man who bear false witness against another man that he believed was inferior to him because of his race and religion. A man who manipulated media and usurped the power of the greatest nation on earth for his own glorified sense of self.

I am thankful for you, Shia LeBeouf, for your courage. For calling him out. You are affecting a mass conversation and message that I am dedicated to continue sharing in your movement until this man is removed from office. Until his power to tear apart the fabric of Americas Constitution and values is stopped.


Mark Hamlett

Day of Infamy


Seventy-Five years ago on December 8, 1941 the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt took form and sang a song of shock and determination around the world. This response to the act of war Japan took towards the United States and it’s allies territories in the Pacific was a precursor to the United States commitment in WWII.

On December 7, 1941 Japan’s forces attacked Hawaii killing nearly 2,500 soldiers and civilians within a short period of 90 minutes. By the end of the war that figure would increase more than 100 fold to just under 500,000 or one-half of one percent of the United States population.

For the United States this was a moment in history that had very little reflection or debate. The country came together and supported the effort 99.9%.

This act of aggression, this day of infamy was just the beginning.

Give Thanks


In this moment our nation comes together to share a tradition that is filled with the ideals of America. As children we are taught that Pilgrims traversed a treacherous ocean voyage to escape oppression, exhausted and unsure to land in a new unknown world.

Through loss, labour and love these aliens adapted to their new surroundings. These Pilgrims found in this new world a native population and in our idealized story learned and shared with them.

Thanksgiving Day is filled with our national identity of the sharing of these two peoples. America is the land of hope. The land of freedom. The land of the immigrant. The land of plenty. We remind ourselves this each year as we celebrate with a basic human need, food.

America is blessed with an abundant harvest year round because of the expanse of our nation and the dedication of those who toil the land for the greater good. Be Thankful.

America is blessed with peace. We are protected by water, friendly neighbors and our brave. We are not under siege. We are not running for cover. We are not living in fear that our homes, our schools, our churches, our hospitals will be bombed. We are safe. Our children our safe. Be Thankful.

American is blessed with freedom. We have a nation filled with choice. Choices of how we live. Choices of where we live. Choices of community. Choices of culture. Choices of religion. Choices of education. Choices of career. Choices of leisure. Be Thankful.

America is also blessed with sharing. We share all we have with the world. We share our food. We share our ideal. We share our hopes. We share our joy. We share our freedom. We share. Be Thankful.

We are a nation founded in Thanks and Giving. Be thankful and give.

Happy Thanksgiving

The Pursuit of Freedom

Since the inception of the United States of America, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, our country has pursued, struggled and fought for Freedom.

The American Revolutionary war was fought for Freedom.

The War of 1812 was fought for Freedom.

The American Civil War was fought for Freedom.

World War I was fought for Freedom.

Word War II was fought for Freedom.

Wars are not our only struggles for Freedom. Our country also struggles through protests, actions and petitions, passing amendments to our Constitution and laws to govern and guide us. It is our right to discuss through freedom of speech our varying viewpoints. To debate them privately in forums, courts and now through social media.

These struggles are widely considered to be Civil Rights issues. Civil Rights by definition are exclusively for the people, removed from military and the church. It is our government ‘by the people’ that allows us to govern our behaviors towards one another.

Civil Rights are void of special interest, but requires attention be made to equalize those who have special needs or a minority voice. Civil Rights sometimes requires legislation, federally to balance an equality throughout the nation.

Our populace has enslaved, beaten, hanged, imprisoned, set afire and committed various atrocities against other human beings because we believed them to be inferior or different in a way we could not accept.

Our struggle to find a balance that defines our understanding of Freedom will continue. Our forum for the conversation is much larger. The audience observing our Republics experiment with Democracy is global.