Humanity’s Touch


For a few years now I have been blogging “It’s Not Random, It’s Personal”. The words here are a catharsis for me as I am one of the weakest and most flawed of all humans. It is through my words that I can express the sadness I feel from my Bipolar depression, the amazement I have in science for keeping me alive though I have a virus in my body, HIV, that does not die, and my hope that somehow my words will be affect others in a positive way.

It is with this post that I want to honour someone who I admire, who has inspired me with hope and who’s love and advocacy has personally touched me through her words and works.

Alyssa Milano, you are my number one.  I wanted to reach out and thank you for being a loving human. I wanted to thank you for being an early advocate for those living with HIV through showing your support to Ryan White. I cried when I watched the Phil Donahue show as I now cry with more understanding of just how important your kiss was.

I wanted to thank you for your advocacy for children through UNICEF, for years of being an ambassador and positively influencing countless lives of children around the world.  If it had not been for your pregnancy, I wouldn’t have know what “Project Runway” was, or how beautiful you are when sharing your life by carrying another one inside.

I wanted to thank you for sharing your love of humanity throughout your journey of life. Most recently I wanted to thank you for marching with other Angelenos showing support of the American values of Love over Hate, and Freedom over Oppression.

I hope the love you illuminate always reflects back upon you and those you cherish.

Mark Hamlett


To What End?


To what end will you go to fight your cause

To what end To what end.

To what end will you fight to go your way

To what end To what end.

To what end will you lie in order to be heard

To what end To what end.

To what end will you order your lies be heard

To what end To what end.

To what end will you brag of your might

To what end To what end

To what end will your might be your brag

To what end to what end.

To what end will you demand you be pleased

To what end To what end.

To what end will you please by your demands

To what end To what end.

To what end will your mouth speak defecation

To what end To what end.

To what end will you defecate your speech

To what end To what end.

To what end will you build your wall

To what end To what end.

To what end will your wall be built

To what end To what end.

To what end will you rape

To what end will you steal

To what end will you deny

To what end will you defile

To what end will go to strip America of it last speck of soul

To what end will you go, To what end will you go.


Humanity is…


I am an atheist. I do not believe in any God.

I believe humanity is guided by instinct like other species on earth.

What sets us apart is cognition.

To be human on this planet earth, in a sense, is to be God. Humanity has the ability to consciously take actions that have ‘everlasting’ impact.

Humanity is not unique in self-awareness. Other species are aware, and science continues to increasingly reveal to us this awareness in all living things.

Humanity is not unique in communication. Science continues to open our ears to the conversations in the world around us. Not just creatures, but even plants.

Humanity is not unique in having cognitive thought. Anyone who has had a pet, hunted, visited a zoo, swam with a dolphin, had an ant farm; anyone who has taken notice of and spent time observing the world around has seen the ability of other species to learn and process information.

Humanity is the dominant species on earth because of our seemingly unlimited cognition.

Humanity is evolved and has taken stewardship of earth, as we are now understanding our affect through actions create lasting effects.

Humanity is evolving as we struggle with ourselves and the world we inhabit.

Humanity is cruel, not matured enough to overcome childish behaviours.

Humanity is kind, reaching out to those in tragedy.

Humanity is insensitive, overlooking what it thinks is unimportant or lesser than itself.

Humanity is caring in its ability to nurture and heal.

Humanity is selfish, believing it owns the earth, it does not.

Humanity is everything it desires to be yet not what it should be.

Humanity is in this moment, as every moment, making a choice.

Humanity is…

Day of Infamy


Seventy-Five years ago on December 8, 1941 the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt took form and sang a song of shock and determination around the world. This response to the act of war Japan took towards the United States and it’s allies territories in the Pacific was a precursor to the United States commitment in WWII.

On December 7, 1941 Japan’s forces attacked Hawaii killing nearly 2,500 soldiers and civilians within a short period of 90 minutes. By the end of the war that figure would increase more than 100 fold to just under 500,000 or one-half of one percent of the United States population.

For the United States this was a moment in history that had very little reflection or debate. The country came together and supported the effort 99.9%.

This act of aggression, this day of infamy was just the beginning.

Losing It


There is a dark shadow, a thick cloud, a smoke that rises from the heartland; and nobody sees it.

We look out over what we have, we look at land, we look a t farm, we look at city, we look at country; and we don’t see it.

We listen to sounds of our voices, to the sounds that are familiar, the sounds of music, the sounds that make us feel good, the sounds of information, the sounds that we agree with; and we don’t hear it.

We taste coffee, hamburgers, fine wines, imported cigars, exotic dishes from around the world, spices from cultures from far and wide; yet we don’t savour it.

We touch linen, cotton, silk, a warm bath, a clean shower, a spa, a massage; yet we feel nothing.

We think, we debate, we research, we graph, we study, we disseminate; yet we don’t know.

We possess, wealth, land, diamonds, companies, energy, water, food; but we don’t own it.

We desire love, sex, food, cars, homes, television, movies, phones, drugs, thrills; and we pay for it.

We experience, we travel, we learn, we experiment, we challenge thought, we conquer, we subject; because we have power.

We are safe, secure, comfortable; because we are dominant.

We love each other; yet we hate them.

We have liberty; yet we refuse others freedom.

We have life; yet we cause death.

We are human; but we are losing our humanity.

Give Thanks


In this moment our nation comes together to share a tradition that is filled with the ideals of America. As children we are taught that Pilgrims traversed a treacherous ocean voyage to escape oppression, exhausted and unsure to land in a new unknown world.

Through loss, labour and love these aliens adapted to their new surroundings. These Pilgrims found in this new world a native population and in our idealized story learned and shared with them.

Thanksgiving Day is filled with our national identity of the sharing of these two peoples. America is the land of hope. The land of freedom. The land of the immigrant. The land of plenty. We remind ourselves this each year as we celebrate with a basic human need, food.

America is blessed with an abundant harvest year round because of the expanse of our nation and the dedication of those who toil the land for the greater good. Be Thankful.

America is blessed with peace. We are protected by water, friendly neighbors and our brave. We are not under siege. We are not running for cover. We are not living in fear that our homes, our schools, our churches, our hospitals will be bombed. We are safe. Our children our safe. Be Thankful.

American is blessed with freedom. We have a nation filled with choice. Choices of how we live. Choices of where we live. Choices of community. Choices of culture. Choices of religion. Choices of education. Choices of career. Choices of leisure. Be Thankful.

America is also blessed with sharing. We share all we have with the world. We share our food. We share our ideal. We share our hopes. We share our joy. We share our freedom. We share. Be Thankful.

We are a nation founded in Thanks and Giving. Be thankful and give.

Happy Thanksgiving

Ugly as Hate

Hate cannot be singularly defined. It is an ugly monster that seethes its way to the surface in many different forms.

Hate is the tantrum we have as children because we don’t get our way. And, it is the boil that burns when the tantrum does not have a healing end.

Hate is brought on by jealousy, a feeling of losing the grip on something we believe to be ours. When acted upon swiftly, jealousy may become a crime of passion.

Hate is a defense mechanism that hides our fears of not understanding something, of change, of shame. Ones actions can lash out in bullying, sulking or spite.

Hate is pride, believing that oneself is somehow more important than another. Actions taken will belittle, be condescending or inconsiderate.

Hate is arrogance. An egotism that can bring about separatism, war and holocaust.

Hate is an intolerance that embeds itself in the psyche losing rational thought. This is what we see in our leaders when they refuse to work together for the good of the people. It is what brings about bigotry. It is what births injustice.

It is what takes our freedom from us.

Intolerance has no love
Intolerance has no love