Humanity is…


I am an atheist. I do not believe in any God.

I believe humanity is guided by instinct like other species on earth.

What sets us apart is cognition.

To be human on this planet earth, in a sense, is to be God. Humanity has the ability to consciously take actions that have ‘everlasting’ impact.

Humanity is not unique in self-awareness. Other species are aware, and science continues to increasingly reveal to us this awareness in all living things.

Humanity is not unique in communication. Science continues to open our ears to the conversations in the world around us. Not just creatures, but even plants.

Humanity is not unique in having cognitive thought. Anyone who has had a pet, hunted, visited a zoo, swam with a dolphin, had an ant farm; anyone who has taken notice of and spent time observing the world around has seen the ability of other species to learn and process information.

Humanity is the dominant species on earth because of our seemingly unlimited cognition.

Humanity is evolved and has taken stewardship of earth, as we are now understanding our affect through actions create lasting effects.

Humanity is evolving as we struggle with ourselves and the world we inhabit.

Humanity is cruel, not matured enough to overcome childish behaviours.

Humanity is kind, reaching out to those in tragedy.

Humanity is insensitive, overlooking what it thinks is unimportant or lesser than itself.

Humanity is caring in its ability to nurture and heal.

Humanity is selfish, believing it owns the earth, it does not.

Humanity is everything it desires to be yet not what it should be.

Humanity is in this moment, as every moment, making a choice.

Humanity is…


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