Losing It


There is a dark shadow, a thick cloud, a smoke that rises from the heartland; and nobody sees it.

We look out over what we have, we look at land, we look a t farm, we look at city, we look at country; and we don’t see it.

We listen to sounds of our voices, to the sounds that are familiar, the sounds of music, the sounds that make us feel good, the sounds of information, the sounds that we agree with; and we don’t hear it.

We taste coffee, hamburgers, fine wines, imported cigars, exotic dishes from around the world, spices from cultures from far and wide; yet we don’t savour it.

We touch linen, cotton, silk, a warm bath, a clean shower, a spa, a massage; yet we feel nothing.

We think, we debate, we research, we graph, we study, we disseminate; yet we don’t know.

We possess, wealth, land, diamonds, companies, energy, water, food; but we don’t own it.

We desire love, sex, food, cars, homes, television, movies, phones, drugs, thrills; and we pay for it.

We experience, we travel, we learn, we experiment, we challenge thought, we conquer, we subject; because we have power.

We are safe, secure, comfortable; because we are dominant.

We love each other; yet we hate them.

We have liberty; yet we refuse others freedom.

We have life; yet we cause death.

We are human; but we are losing our humanity.


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