Give Thanks


In this moment our nation comes together to share a tradition that is filled with the ideals of America. As children we are taught that Pilgrims traversed a treacherous ocean voyage to escape oppression, exhausted and unsure to land in a new unknown world.

Through loss, labour and love these aliens adapted to their new surroundings. These Pilgrims found in this new world a native population and in our idealized story learned and shared with them.

Thanksgiving Day is filled with our national identity of the sharing of these two peoples. America is the land of hope. The land of freedom. The land of the immigrant. The land of plenty. We remind ourselves this each year as we celebrate with a basic human need, food.

America is blessed with an abundant harvest year round because of the expanse of our nation and the dedication of those who toil the land for the greater good. Be Thankful.

America is blessed with peace. We are protected by water, friendly neighbors and our brave. We are not under siege. We are not running for cover. We are not living in fear that our homes, our schools, our churches, our hospitals will be bombed. We are safe. Our children our safe. Be Thankful.

American is blessed with freedom. We have a nation filled with choice. Choices of how we live. Choices of where we live. Choices of community. Choices of culture. Choices of religion. Choices of education. Choices of career. Choices of leisure. Be Thankful.

America is also blessed with sharing. We share all we have with the world. We share our food. We share our ideal. We share our hopes. We share our joy. We share our freedom. We share. Be Thankful.

We are a nation founded in Thanks and Giving. Be thankful and give.

Happy Thanksgiving


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