Center Within Your Path

There was a quiet moment in my day, a thing that seems rare, but in reality is quite often available. I had passed by a labyrinth on the campus of the Veterans Administration in Los Angeles and found myself drawn back to explore it.

As I read the plaque explaining a labyrinths history and function a group of people were walking it together. There was a certain awkwardness to their walk, trying to match each others pace, adapt to the turns and adjust to the closeness when passing by one another. When they reached the center, one by one, waiting for the complete group to arrive, there was finally a calmness in each one until as whole they smiled one at another.

I then walked the path on my own. As I walked, the first thing that caught my attention was the tightness, it took discipline to keep my feet with the lines and to place them properly to make a turn without becoming unbalanced.

The second thing I noticed about the labyrinth was that it took me close to center winding me back and forth continually varying my distance and taking me farther from  the center as I reached the half way point. Then as I continued it brought me again closer and closer until I reached the center.

It was a very calming experience. What I took from it is in my quote that follows:

Keep your eye on the center.
Keep your eye on the center.



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