Take a look inside…

“Know Thyself” is an ancient Greek aphorism, most typically associated with Socrates, but a definitive origin is unknown. What does it mean to know thyself? It’s an infinite question, because our minds are constantly expanding as new knowledge is assimilated.

Do you know who you are? Who you see yourself as? Who others see you as? Who you think others see you as? Perspective varieties the perception of the self.

To truly know yourself is a lifelong journey that requires your observation in the moment. It requires an honest, authentic and neutral introspection. It is an awareness that takes practice.

Through meditation you can learn to sense who you are. Meditation can relieve you of outside stress and stimuli and allow your mind be still and just be you. Once you have achieved this baseline of discovering your self in this quiet place, in the moment, you can begin to understand who you are.

Understanding who you, here, in this moment will open your mind to see where you have been and to the paths that can be travelled from this point.



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