It’s Your Choice…

Choice can be the enemy of calm. Too many variable’s can create anxiety. Your core sympathetic brain desires simplicity, and choice forces your consciousness into the parasympathetic frontal lobes of complex decisions.

Living in this constant mode of enhanced thoughts make it difficult to relax and enjoy the moment.

A dinner with friends or someone special, spent in conversation, in the moment. A written letter or a telephone call to let someone know you are thinking about them. This time nurtures those relationships. Without this time spent these connections may fade.

A walk in a city, absorbing the sounds of activity around you, the smells from restaurants, the lights of theaters and centers. Strolling into a park and being aware of its insulation from the buzz that surrounds it. These can show a balance of dichotomy. A balance that we make each day with our choices.

Taking a path into the woods, a raft down a river, a climb up a mountain, or camping in the desert looking up at the vastness of space, you can pause, know how small you truly are, and how connected you are to a universe that is just a speck in the larger cosmos.

Each day many opportunities come our way. Our choices decide who we are. Our choices decide where we are. Our choices decide where we our going.



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