Words Are Unnecassary…

One of the most difficult things in our technology driven society is to put your mind to rest.

Our world no longer sleeps. It is in constant flux around us and we are swept into its flood of information and imagery. We are living in the world of the universal mind that runs 24/7 without rest.

Our minds must process all the information that is received. Unlike the technology that feeds us, our minds need to sleep. And, for the sleep to be fully affective, our minds need to be quiet.

If we do not allow our minds to rest, we can become clumsy, tired, angry and anxious; we can lose our desire for sex, lower our IQ, become depressed, less focused and forgetful; damage our health increasing our risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes; and damage our bodies causing premature aging.

Being plugged into this globalization, you can literally lose yourself and your health in your minds words.

Exercise quieting your mind and letting go of thoughts. Practice being still, hearing nothing, thinking nothing.



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