What is Wisdom?

If you had “five golden rings”, what would they represent?

Sincerity is being clear and present in the moment. It is fair, honest, sound, positive and complete. It has no need to waiver or apologize, it is transparent.

Respect is courteous, considerate, honorable, dignified and reverent. It is not ignorant, neglectful or critical.

Humane is merciful, empathetic, unselfish, considerate and gentle. It is not cruel, violent or uncivilized.

Kindness is courteous, friendly, compassionate, tolerant and charitable. It is not rude, harsh or merciless.

Generosity is  willing, benevolent, equitable, unsparing and ungrudging. It is not  biased, prejudiced or depleted.

Today I give you these five rings to be and to grow in wisdom. Namaste.



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