Stop and Listen to the Music

Have you ever gone to a place away from civilization? Places like the woods, desert, ocean or mountains are places where you hear the music of nature. As you listen, you will also begin to hear the music inside your body and understand you are a part of nature and the universe.

Coming to that place your mind can be clear and you will distinguish your part in the universe, though infinitesimally small.

From this place of calm, you can harmonize with nature. You can also experiment altering your part, slowing/increasing heart rate, breathing or tensing/relaxing areas of your body. And, you will notice that you drift a bit from your place in the whole.

A practice of relaxation/meditation will allow a discipline to develop within you. It will allow you to connect and stay connected even when there are distractions in life.

This practice also allows you to see others around you more clearly, allowing to connect with others  more deeply. You will begin to understand the subtle effects that you create as you affect others with a smile/frown, a comment/criticism, a rush/patience.

You will see that in this infinite symphony your solo part is powerful and by training it you become what you want to be.



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