Immigration, Insulation, Integration

INRIP-TWIT-QUOTE-One of our current political obsessions in the USA is focused on immigrants entering the country without obtaining documentation beforehand. This is not a new issue, nor has it not been addressed and enforced in the past with mixed outcomes. Attempts to curtailing these immigrant entries today are creating the exact opposite effect intended. More immigrants are now here.

Immigration in the USA has always been a mixed bag of successes and fears. A new nationality is fleeing from persecution, war, famine or just trying to have a better quality of life. What is the citizen response, typically it has always been the same. Fear. Taking our jobs. Foreign language. Foreign customs. Leaching off the government. Citizens yell, immigrants fear too; but in time everything settles and the fears subside. Until the next wave of immigrants.

The United States of American has consistently been compassionate in its responses and most typically attempt to aid the inclusion of the new immigrants. Immigration laws have changed as the country has grown, quotas being set and longer waiting periods to be nationalized. There was a time when you could be nationalized in a day. Now, it typically is 10-15 years.

Insulation is the current reaction to the fear of those fleeing their countries and hoping for a better life in the USA. In their desperation, and because they do not understand a democracy and how it works, their fear drives them to drastic behavior which is not only dangerous for them (remember the father and his child drowned in the river), it gives Americans a reason to fear.

Under the current administration which is ran by a fear and bullying politics, they have convinced Americans that only by Building a Wall can we stop this invasion. It is my opinion that by the time the wall is built, the ‘invasion’ will long be over and the money will have been spent in vain. That is why diplomacy first and drastic measures only if absolutely necessary.

During The United States of Americas history of immigration, immigrants tend to cling to each other and typically end up living in the same areas and building communities based on a mix of their culture with the added shine of Americas opportunities.

Integration is one of the most important components of our ‘melting pot’. Integration works well on an individual immigrant basis. Those that are here on student visas, work visas or have been accepted to apply for citizenship before leaving their country. These immigrants come alone and experience the immersion of American culture.

Historically there has always been lesser integration when large groups come together. Even as citizens, we push them into corners by name calling and disassociation. The exact opposite of what our Constitution desires its citizenry to be. And, likewise, from the immigrant view there is safety in numbers, so they move in numbers until they settle in a place where they can build community.

This process is repeated over and over and our current influx from Central and South America is no different than Jews, Poles, Italians, Europeans, Persians, Armenians etc.. Mexico is a part of North America as the USA and Canada. Diplomacy with Mexico has been crucial in slowing the tide, but lack the resources.

Instead of Insulation from Immigration, lets take the money from the wall and spend the billions on humanitarian efforts across the border. Instead of chaos and fear, this would aid in a steady Integration.



Mapping, Managing, Migrating


Many of us lose our way towards our destination, destiny or dream. And, sometimes it’s much larger than we are. As our country has the Constitution of the United States of America to be the map for its direction, we should be mapping our way towards where we want our destination to be.

The USA’s history is filled with wrong turns, missed turns and overturns of previous legislation, that needs modification, keeping our eyes on the Constitution for guidance. Here in the 21st century We The People are more divided about our direction than at any other time in our history. And it’s had an effect on all of us and some of us are questioning our leaders maps and if they are looking at the Constitution or their own philosophies or fears. This can happen with our life personally and that is a time to stop and step back, to not force forward without a clear and concise understanding of your map.

Managing a country takes a huge amount of resources; a Legislature to represent We The People as the powers of the Constitution has mapped, an Executive Office to question the Legislature and direct the countries course according with the powers it has been given in the Constitution , and a Supreme Court to tackle judicial challenges to our countries Constitution, Legislation and changes that must be justified as our country changes within the world around it and We The People change within it.

We too need managing of our map to keep our course corrected. Finding your compass does not have to be a ‘me’ thing, make it a ‘we’ experience. Yes, just flip the letter m upside down and your vision expands. Open up to others and ask questions, share yourself to your family, counselor and friends. Find a mentor who you feel is where you would like to be. As you change and your course needs correction, you will have assistance to plot new bearings and manage them.

Life doesn’t sit, even those some of us do. Life moves swiftly and we migrate by its shear energy. Sometimes unexpectedly. Sometimes planned. Migration is natural to the human species. The true Native Americans migrated with the seasons and learned from the earth, plants and animals around them guide their migrations. Simple and synchronous with time.

Managing life’s path can be as simple if you use your map to guide your migration.


Firmament, Feeling, Faceless


What does your Firmament consist of? For some it is on that which is within. For most is our family and friends. For a blessed few it is exploration-Free Thinking; travel-cultural exchange; open eyes-open minds. None of us however come close to understanding the vastness that our firmament is part of, all the peoples, all the world, all the universe. The humanity and in-humanity.

Most live in our Feelings of what the world, our firmament is. These feelings have been shaped by our culture, our primaries; family and friends, cities, counties, states and countries, sub-groups of the whole.

We are limited by our experience and exposure, making rash, sometimes bigoted and unfounded decisions about the larger firmament of our planet and all of its’ peoples without any true knowledge obtained. Mostly it based in fears and segregation.

With Modernity and its technology, we can no longer look into a Faceless people in a distant land emotionless, unless there is no humanity nurtured with us. That person has been suppressed within us by oppressive, closed minded and bigoted authorities in our lives.

Turning our heads or burying them in the sand is no longer an option. Building walls is no longer and option. War is no longer an option, unless we choose not to change our Feelings and remain in our shells segregated from humanity at large.

Our options, now, are: diplomacy, understanding, empathy and love. Without seeing the worlds faces we not only deny their humanity but also our own.

Energy, Essence, Eternity


Take a look in the mirror. What reflects back to you is the radiance of your ‘rest mass’, your energy as a stationary object.

This energy that you are comprised of has no creation and no destruction. Your organism is alive with your energy as your body is in constant movement. Your energy is a burning fuel that heats and radiates from you.

All functions of thought, auto functions of lungs breathing, heart beating, actions of walking, running, eating all expend energy in forms of kinetic, gravitational, electric, magnetic, elastic, chemical, thermal and radiant. Energy is your beginning, but not your ending.

Essence is what you have become, what you are here, now, in this moment. Essence is intrinsic, indispensable, abstract and what makes each of our ‘characters’ unique. Essence in this forum is your past meeting y our present, requiring you to participate in your prospective future.

Your essence is what radiates from you and is observed and experienced by others. Your essence is fluid, it can be altered by your nurturing and nature, by truth and propaganda, by trauma or comfort, by your intention, actions and reactions. You are in the ultimate control of your essence, how you alter it whether effectively or negatively.

Since energy never dies, is always fluctuating essentially you are eternal. Eternity is a measure that has no ending. Eternal, as the continuance of your energy is perceived differently between cultures, within cultures and may be a question never answered during this life’s moments.

Some of the different beliefs are of eternal existence in a place of comfort and abundance or a place of pain and scarcity. Others believe your energy is reconnected in a different form returning to live a new existence as a new creature, or that you pass from this consciousness into Nirvana, a state of universal consciousness where you are absorbed into the whole and no longer an individual.

Whatever the journey is, it is of energy from beginning to no ending.

Story, Situation, Solution


You are the author of your story. Each day you have lived is a page in your book of life. Writing this book within your mind you are creating your self, a character, your stories protagonist.

Being the thinking, creative beings that humans are, our selves are not one dimensional. Living in today’s world information is unlimited, education is universal, opportunities abound and experiences seem unlimited.

Your self has many chapters, situations of today, this moment in your history. In this situation, who are you? Are you your hero? Are you healthy and proactive, creating a character to be admired or even idolized. Do others look to you for inspiration, do you inspire  your self?

Or, are you your own antagonist? Are you struggling with issues from previous chapters. Are you creating obstacles? Or, are you trapped within a chapter that you can’t find the words to write your way out of?

Do you have and ending for your story? A solution. You will deal with situations each day, write your story and through your actions make solutions.

Maybe you have a goal, a long term solution that will take several chapters to write. Solutions are endings to the challenges in your life. Day to day, month to month, year by year you are solving your life.

Solutions are always ahead of you, waiting for you to write them.


Universe, Utility, Unknown



Your universe is made up of all your experiences. It started small, through dim eyes that had little focus and was controlled by forces beyond you. Your senses took in your environment and analyzed; cold, hot, soft, hard, sensual or painful. Your universe is what has made you and your universe grows, you become aware, you mature.

What you make of it is your utility. You have the ability to harness great power or be shocked into numbness. What is your utility? What benefits you? What is useful for your growth? What is profitable for your potential? It is in each moment of your utility that you have the power. You have the decision to act, to commit, to be silent, to drift.

What is unknown is where this power to take control will lead you. The unknown can be fearful. We can be paralyzed by it. The unknown can be exciting. We can be inspired by it.